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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Opening bid #1

You are the dealer and your hand looks like this:

♠ J 10 9
♥ 10 8 7 2
♦ A K 2
♣ A Q 8

You have 14 high card points. What do you open the bidding with?

My answer: an artificial one club. It indicates minimum opening points and guarantees nothing beyond that. One heart is too risky (no honors), and so is one notrump (puh-lease). What do you guys say?


  At Friday, November 03, 2006 12:33:00 PM, Blogger Paul said:

I'd say definitely 1C. The way we play, I'd even open 1C if I had A 10 8 7 in hearts and Q 8 2 in clubs. Other folks might open their better three-card minor (in this case diamonds) but that seems less helpful. You'd want your partner to have five diamonds to support that as trump, and if they have five diamonds they'll mention that over your 1C bid anyway. 1C is acknowledged as an ambiguous bid -- it either means 13 points and support for clubs, or 13 points without support for clubs. Allowing both 1C and 1D to be ambiguous bids doesn't help anything.

1D would be my opening bid if I had four of the suit and nothing better to bid. Likewise if both clubs and diamonds were four-card suits.

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