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Monday, August 14, 2006

Cheat sheet

I learned bridge from Alexa, who learned from her family. When she took on the responsibility of teaching us, she passed out her family's official bridge reference card ("for beginners as well as rusty, reticent 'fourths'"), which still stands as an authority in my circle, although we do question a couple of points. It's great to have on hand during a game -- even if you've got it all memorized, chances are someone else at the table could use a refresher.

Apparently there's a new edition that obsoletes the one we learned on, but I don't have it. Meanwhile, the nice laminated copies have become very scarce, so here are scans for those who wonder why I never underlead an ace, et cetera:

Cheat Sheet, page 1   Cheat Sheet, page 2   Cheat Sheet, page 3   Cheat Sheet, page 4



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